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5 Tips To Maximize Space In A Condominium Unit

Space in a condominium can be limited. Below are some tips to maximize the square footage in your condominium unit.

Establish Zones Within Your Rooms

Using strategic placement of furniture, rugs, lighting fixtures, paint, and wallpaper can give the illusion of separate spaces within one room. By utilizing this design method, you can incorporate your home office into your living room, bedroom or even your kitchen. This can also be said for creating a space for a nursery within your bedroom or a formal dining area within an open concept kitchen. The options here are only limited to your imagination.

Decorate with Multi-Use Furniture & Décor

It’s 2020 and functional yet stylish furniture is no longer a mission to find! Utilize things such as bed frames with built in storage, sleeper sofas, and expandable tables or kitchen islands. Retailers like structube and IKEA make finding stylish multi-use furniture both easy and inexpensive. And if your budget allows, having things like cabinetry custom made to fit your home (and your belongings!) is also a great option.

Make Use Of Optical Illusions

One of my favourite ways to brighten up a room and create the illusion of space is to add a strategically placed mirror. Not only do mirrors make chic and beautiful décor, they also reflect light & the space in your condo, which can make the room seem a lot bigger and brighter than it actually is.

Remember, Less Is More

Don’t overwhelm your space with too much big, bulky furniture or too many knick-knacks. Keeping the furniture and décor to a minimal level and ensuring that your space is neat and tidy will make your condo look and feel more open and spacious.

Utilize Storage Solutions

If available for you to rent or own, a storage locker is a great option for storing things that you do not use every day, and don’t have the space for inside of your unit. Other storage solutions can include closet organizers (hi again, IKEA), bins & baskets, behind the door wall hooks, over the toilet storage racks and much more.

In conclusion, there are many creative ways to maximize the space in your condo. What you do with your space is only limited to your imagination. For more ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m here to help.


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